Samsung Galaxy F foldable phone gets official tease ahead of event this week

It looks like Wednesday could see the big Samsung foldable phone reveal, at last

Samsung Galaxy F concept
(Image credit: via BGR)

The Samsung Galaxy F foldable phone, aka Galaxy X, could finally get its official reveal, launch or at least tease this Wednesday November 7, following an official hint from Samsung.

As you may have spotted from T3's report here, Samsung has officially begun production of its foldable phone. Up to a million units are expected to get rolled out, but exactly when, has still been in question.

Now it looks like Samsung is hinting that it will reveal the new bendable phone at its developer conference which kicks off this Wednesday November 7. 

Samsung has decided to update its Facebook profile picture with a new version of its name, folded in half. Yup, it's pretty clear what that's a nod to. The timing, at the start of the same week the developer conference begins, seems a little too perfect to be a coincidence. 

Samsung folded logo

(Image credit: Samsung)

So what can we expect to see at the big reveal event? There should be a brand new type of folding 7.3-inch OLED screen with a second 4.6-inch OLED on the front of the device, allowing for closed phone use or opened tablet style interactions. 

Also expected is the latest 7nm processing onboard for super-fast performance with low-battery drain. A good thing when you consider how much battery all those screens should chew through.

The Samsung Developer Conference will start with a keynote speech at 6pm GMT, where the new Galaxy F should be shown off, we hope. Don't expect this handset to get released until early next year as production has allegedly only just started