Samsung confirms Galaxy F foldable phone is coming to UK and US

This official statement just got us very excited indeed

Samsung Galaxy F
(Image credit: TechConfigurations)

The Samsung Galaxy F, aka Galaxy X, could be the world's first truly foldable phone and now it looks like it will be shipping out to the globe.

Speaking to CNET, Samsung's CEO DJ Koh revealed that the foldable Galaxy F smartphone won't just be a trial product and will actually get a global release. Samsung previously launched new phone styles like the curved screened Galaxy Round in Korea only.

The global availability of the foldable phone should mean both the UK and US can get their hands on it. It's unclear if these will be Qualcomm powered devices, rather than Samsung's Exynos chips, as it does with other Galaxy handsets. 

Despite Koh making it clear this isn't going to be a "gimmick" handset, with plans to sell long term, this initial run will be smaller. "Possibly when we start selling the foldable phone, it may be a niche market, but definitely, it will expand," Koh said. "I'm positive that we do need a foldable phone." So if you want one, be fast as we imagine these will sell out fast.