Samsung 55-inch OLED TV price to be over £5,000?

Samsung exec suggests it will take around three years to become mainstream

Following the unit's official CES 2012 unveiling, Samsung has confirmed it is to release its 55-inch Super OLED television post June and with a hefty price tag

Samsung has confirmed that the price of its 55-inch OLED TV could cost anything over £5,400 making it more than twice the cost of the current high-end HDTVs.

Officially unveiled at CES 2012 last month the Samsung 55-inch Super OLED stole the show in Las Vegas with the ultra svelte unit playing host to a high-end display crafted from single sheet of glass.

Pre-loaded with the company's active 3D technologies for extra dimensional viewing, the Samsung 55-inch Super OLED TV also features internet connected Smart TV capabilities with the app infrastructure further plumped by an integrated HD webcam that boasts motion-sensing tech and facial recognition capabilities.

Publicly unveiled this week Samsung have apparently confirmed that the TV will be launching in just a few months in an attempt to beat bitter rival LG and its own 55-inch OLED TV to market.

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Source: Associated Press