Disruptor brand Saga tries to out-Peloton the competition with its new HoloBike

Can the HoloBike beat Peloton at its own game?

Saga HoloBike exercise bike with rider
(Image credit: Saga Holographic)

There is a bit of a lull currently in the home gym equipment market, especially in terms of immersive gear, as most companies struggle to stay relevant after the lockdown-induced boom.

While brands like Peloton are trying to adapt to this new environment, Saga Holographic charges ahead with its take on the exercise bike concept.

The HoloBike is an innovative indoor bike that integrates advanced holographic technology to create an immersive indoor cycling experience.

Unlike traditional exercise bikes, the HoloBike uses a 27-inch stereoscopic light-field display that projects 3D holograms visible to the naked eye, simulating real-world trails without the need for VR headsets​.

The bike's 4K display, combined with microlenses, creates lifelike 3D images, promising an enhanced feeling of riding through actual environments.

For added engagement, infrared sensors adjust the visuals based on the rider's position for a consistent immersive experience, Saga says.

Designed by LAYER, the HoloBike features a streamlined, cantilevered form that promotes a more aggressive racing stance. It includes adjustable components to accommodate a height range of 4'11" (150cm) up to 6'4" (193cm).

Featuring an electromagnetic resistance system, the bike is said to dynamically adapt to the virtual terrain, simulating realistic hill climbs and gear shifts, making the workout feel like an actual outdoor ride.

The routes displayed on the HoloBike are AI-generated from volumetric scans of real-world locations, providing a unique and game-like experience. This technology allows for the rapid creation of new trails, expanding the library of available rides​.

The HoloBike is currently available for pre-order through Kickstarter, with super early bird prices starting at $2,599. This price is limited to the first 200 backers (although there are plenty of slots left at the time of writing).

Matt Kollat
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