River Thames to get upgraded free WiFi from BT and Ruckus

New technology will mean faster speeds and larger area covered

The River Thames is to be the recepient of a new wireless technology by Ruckus which dramatically boosts the signal of WiFi in built up areas giving faster free WiFi

Ruckus Wireless has chosen BT's Thames WiFi service as one of its test locations for a new wireless technology which will offer faster and broader coverage of free WiFi in the capital.

The new steering technology improves the range of WiFi by directing the signal around obstacles such as buildings and through intereference. When deployed it'll cover the full 27-miles of the river that has already been given the WiFi treatment by BT.

The upgrade will take place over the next couple of months and once in place will be available for free to BT customers and available to other customers depending on the partnership agreeement BT has with that network.

Both Leeds and Bradford have also been selected for the update which should improve the coverage of free WiFi in the cities by up to four times its original size.

Source: Engadget
Image Credit: WikiLaurent