Revealed: the Fitbit Sense 2 and Versa 4 are coming to battle the Apple Watch and Google Pixel Watch

It looks like the Apple Watch and Pixel Watch will have serious competition this year

Fitbit Sense 21:9
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A new report reveals Fitbit's best smartwatches for 2022/2023, the Fitbit Sense 2 and the Fitbit Versa 4. Both smartwatches are currently going through the US regulators' approval process, and that means the images Fitbit has submitted of its forthcoming upgrades are available to the public. 9to5Google has collated them, and the images give a really good look at both watches' designs as well as some clues about their capabilities.

We reckon the Fitbit Versa 3 is the best Fitbit for most people, while the more expensive Fitbit Sense is an excellent option for serious fitness fans. So it's good to see that Fitbit isn't throwing babies out with the bathwater here: the designs are evolved but don't dramatically change what's already a winning formula.

What's new in the Fitbit Versa 4 and the Fitbit Sense 2

The Fitbit Sense 2 looks very similar to the current model, but the polished steel ring around the display – the bit where you put your fingers when you're taking an ECG reading – has been placed under the glass, which makes the design look so much cleaner. There's also a proper physical button on the left hand side, which appears to work like a normal button instead of the flat, solid-state one in the current version. On the back the sensor layout is different but it's unclear whether that's just a design change or if there are new sensor capabilities too. Markings suggest that there will be ECG, temperature, GPS and 50m water resistance.

The Versa 4 is the watch we think will appeal most to mainstream buyers, and this is the one to rival the Apple Watch Series 8 and the Google Pixel Watch. There doesn't appear to be ECG or temperature tracking and the design is almost identical to the current model; frustratingly the images don't give away any secrets about what makes this model different from the current one.

We'll find out for sure in the Autumn (Fall in the US): we think it's unlikely that these watches will launch until at least late summer, and possibly latter than that. It'll be interesting to compare them with the imminent Google Pixel Watch now that Fitbit is Google owned: the Pixel is expected to be the most Fitbit-like Wear OS smartwatch, but for now at least Google clearly wants to keep its two wearable brands separate. 

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