Report: Used Wii U consoles offer access to old owners' games

Second hand Nintendo Wii U owners getting more than they bargained for

The Nintendo Wii U launch continues to throw up bizarre stories. It seems second hand console owners can re-download any games already downloaded on the console for free

Reports on Friday claimed that Nintendo Wii U owners who purchased their console second hand can re-download all games bought by the original owner, free of charge.

A user on the NeoGaf forums claimed they were able to acquire a wealth of titles from the Nintendo eShop without paying for them, even though the console had been wiped prior to finding its new home.

The phenomenon, if it is to be believed suggests that downloads are linked to the console itself rather than the user's account.

Forumite DSN2K posted: "Whoever owned the console before me purchased multiple games, meaning all the games he purchased are available to re-download for free.This is with a new account I setup as well.

"Games are clearly linked to the console itself. Advice to those buying a second hand Wii U's...check all the games on the might be in for some "free" games!"

Eurogamer backs up the user's story by pointing out that all users of the Nintendo Wii U can access downloaded content, regardless of which account was used to download it.

The SNAFU could end up costing Nintendo a fortune, especially if, as already has been reported, buyers are tiring quickly of the Wii U experience and are selling off the console at an early stage.

Via: Eurogamer

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