The Pure Classic Series of DAB+ radios is brand new retro

Pure launches three Classic DAB+ systems to combine retro styling with today's audio tech

Pure Classic C-D6
(Image credit: Pure)

Pure is one of the best-known brands for DAB+ radios, and its new Classic series gives three of its models a stylish visual upgrade that matches retro styling with modern audio tech. 

There are three products in the Classic range: the Classic H4, which looks like a traditional countertop radio but can also play music from Bluetooth sources; the Classic C-D6, an all-in one DAB radio with a CD player, Bluetooth and AUX connections; and the Classic Stereo, an all-in-one with 100W of built-in amplification. 

The design here is more traditional than products such as the Pure ONE and, to my eyes at least, the more attractive than the design used in the current Pure Evoke H4. In particular I think the Pure Classic H4 (below) has a touch of the Braun to it, especially in its walnut and black version.

All three models are available to business-to-business customers now and will go on general sale in April.

Pure Classic H4

(Image credit: Pure)

Pure Classic DAB systems: key features and pricing

The most affordable model here is the £89 Pure Classic H4, a new design based on the Pure Evoke H4 DAB+ radio. It's what I'd call a kitchen radio, compact enough to stick on the windowsill and loud enough to be heard over the extractor fan. There's a built-in timer for your cooking, and there's Bluetooth as well as DAB+ and FM. Output power is 10W and you can store up to 40 presets so you don't need to fiddle around when your fingers are all floury.

Next up there's the Classic C-D6, an all-in one that also contains a CD player, 2 x 15W and a sleep timer. There's USB-A and Aux as well as Bluetooth, and it looks like a good option for bedrooms and other smallish spaces.

The most premium model here is the Classic Stereo, with 100W of built-in amplification, DAB+ and FM, internet radio, Bleutooth, Spotify Connect and again, a CD player. Connections this time are USB-A, optical and AUX.

All three models are available in black and walnut or white and oak, and they're priced competitively: the Pure Classic H4 has an RRP of £89.99, the Pure Classic C-D6 is £179.99 and the Pure Classic Stereo is £449.99.

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