Amazon PS5 restock expected before Black Friday

Is Amazon going live with a PS5 restock before Black Friday? Here's what we know

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This week is looking like it is going to be a great week for gamers looking to buy PS5 as, as we not in T3's PS5 restock tracker, we're not just getting one PS5 stock drop but two.

A PS5 restock at Argos and at GAME is set for this week, with consoles dropping between the 16th-19th, as confirmed by the UK's leading PS5 restock tracker.

However, we're also expecting a PS5 stock drop at Amazon, too, and the big question right now is if it will land before the Black Friday deals super sale as expected.

The pre-Black Friday PS5 restock is expected as Amazon's last two PS5 restocks took place on October 27th and September 29th, pointing towards a monthly restock schedule and, therefore, another drop in late November this month.

Of course, though, the last week in November is far from a normal week as it is the week of Black Friday, which is happening this year on Friday 26th November, 2021.

The question is, then, is Amazon going drop PlayStation 5 consoles on Black Friday or is it going to go earlier this month?

There's thinking that points to both possibilities. Naturally, if Amazon does drop PS5 consoles in the Black Friday week, most likely on Grey Thursday or Black Friday itself, then it will be a great way to draw people into its Black Friday sale.

However, the heat that comes with every PS5 restock in terms of website demand is incredibly intense and the last thing Amazon wants to do is cripple its checkout and website in general on the most important online retail day of the year.

As such, a release a week early on Thursday 18 or Friday 19 cannot be ruled out. And especially not considering that Sony hired three extra cargo transporters to fly PS5 consoles into the UK recently, and retailers now appear to be flush with consoles.

We think, therefore, that gamers should be checking Amazon's PS5 product pages every day from now until the end of the month, as it could literally drop new consoles at any times. Amazon has a nasty habit of just launching without any notice, so don't be caught out.

Remember, you stand a much better chance of bagging a PS5 at Amazon if you are, one, signed in, two an Amazon Prime Member, and three have the console added to a wish list. This latter tactic has been reported by numerous gamers as helping them get through checkout with a console, so don't ignore it.

Another store that has also been slated to be getting fresh PS5 stock soon is John Lewis, although the latest information we have points to in-stock dates disappearing from the firm's internal stock computer system.

What this means for the PS5 restock, which was pegged for the week starting Monday 22nd November remains unclear. However, T3's gut feeling is that the stock is being held for a week until after Black Friday. We could get a surprise early drop this week, though, as has happened before.

We're advising gamers to stay tuned to stock trackers and the store itself for the latest developments.

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