PS5 Pro and new Xbox Series X/S on the way, says TV company

Well, the timeline does match up

PS5 console and Xbox Series X
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A PlayStation 5 Pro and new Xbox Series X / S console might be on the way, according to new comments made by Chinese electronics company TCL.

As first reported by polish outlet PPE, TCL held a presentation where the company noted the supposed existence of a new PS5 and Xbox console, which will feature both 8K support and 120hz capabilities. It was also said that both will be released onto the market sometime in 2023 or 2024.

Whether this claim is true or not is yet to be determined, however, it's fair to be a little dubious. It's likely this is more of a prediction from the firm to help raise excitement for the next range of televisions. Still, anything is possible. 

T3 has reached out to Sony and Microsoft for comment.

Sony first launched the PS4 in 2013 before then releasing a PS4 Pro three years later, so timeline-wise this does make sense from the PS5's November 2020 release date. Similarly, Microsoft first made the Xbox One up for sale in 2013 and then released the Xbox One S and Xbox One X in 2016 and 2017, respectively. 

The biggest difference from then is that this was pre-COVID, which has affected all supply chains. As a result, PS5 and Xbox consoles were extremely difficult to find during the first year or so of release. The market is now catching up but Sony and Microsoft may still be looking to sell more of the regular model before putting out another upgraded model. Cost of living is another factor to take into consideration, with many people less likely to spend money on a new device at this time. 

A new PS5 was also registered by Sony in Japan earlier this month, though this is likely more to be a model upgrade rather than a different console altogether.

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