PS5 benchmark unveiled and, holy moly, Xbox Two has a hell of a fight coming

PlayStation 5 looks like it's going to be the powerhouse console loyal Sony gamers have craved

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In news that is sure to spark joy with Sony PlayStation gamers across the world, a purported PS5 benchmark has been uncovered and shows the next-generation console, the so-called Sony PlayStation 5, is going to be a pixel-pushing powerhouse that leaves existing consoles dead and buried, and goes for the Xbox Two's jugular.

The benchmark, which was unearthed by respected chip analyst Apisak and picked-up by technology blog WinFuture, is for the AMD Gonzalo platform that is slated to power the PS5, with it combining the AMD's third generation 7nm Ryzen Zen 2 architecture processor with its new Navi graphics chip.

And, most excitingly for PlayStation gamers, the score for Gonzalo in this benchmark is stated to be "20,000 up", which is over four times the score posted by the standard PS4, which is 5,000. The tweet with the benchmark can be viewed in full below:

Now, while there's no way to confirm whether this score is indeed from a PS5, it does seem highly likely, as DevKits for the PlayStation 5 are known to be in circulation and Gonzalo has long been slated as the base for the next PlayStation.

In fact, only last month did an official Sony PlayStation meeting spill the beans on the supposed PS5's finished hardware spec, which includes a "8 core Zen 2" CPU and "custom Navi GPU", which is information that tallies perfectly with a Gonzalo base for the console. And, if that benchmark score is accurate, then not only does it give us a rough indication of just how powerful the PS5 will be, with it a whopping four times faster than the current generation PS4, but it also shows the potent power that Microsoft's next Xbox is going to have to square up against if it is to be competitive.

After all, Microsoft desperately need a win with the next Xbox console, as Sony firmly trounced them in terms of sales this generation, and with Xbox boss Phil Spencer stating that with Xbox Scarlett "we will once again deliver on our commitment to set the benchmark for console gaming", the ball is very much in the US firm's court.

This is definitely win-win for gamers, as if the Xbox Two is to "set the benchmark for console gaming", then it'll have to at least match this PS5 benchmark, if not beat it comfortably. Clearly, no matter which platform gamers plump for next-generation, they'll end up gaming on consoles laden with simply awesome power on tap.

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