Pokémon Go dating service incoming: PokéDates allows trainers to meet up at PokéStops and gyms for Froakie frollicks

As yet it is unconfirmed whether trainers' Pokémon can double date, however

IfPokémon Go's world domination wasn't already total, now the cuddly collect-em-up is getting a dedicated dating service.PokéDates, which is a spin-off of established techy dating site Project Fixup, allowsPokémon trainers to arrange dates at PokéStops and gyms.

The service works along the same lines as non-Pokémon related dating sites, with trainers signing up and answering questions as to what they are looking for in a partner (a great big Snorlax, we're guessing) beforePokéDates matches up applicants accordingly, with a local gym or PokéStop chosen for the rendezvous.

According to the marketing materials released so far (the service is supposed to launch today in the US, with other regions coming soon), there is no sign up cost and the users' firstPokéDate is free, with subsequent dates costing $20 to arrange.

We're not really sure here at T3 Towers that encouraging people to look at their phones more during a first date is a good thing but, well, if it encourages people to get intimate and stroke their Jigglypuffs then it can't be that bad, right?

Let's just hope that Team Rocket doesn't turn up and spoil the atmosphere.

Via The Verge