Philips OneBlade is 40% off in this mega Amazon deal

Zero-irritation shaving and, right now, zero-irritation pricing too

OneBlade T3 deal
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If ever there was a cult gadget, it's the Philips OneBlade shaver. Those not in the know look at it and think, 'what the hell is that, and how can it remove my hair?' But those who have used it sing the OneBlade's praises. Although not too loud; sometimes it's very hard to find replacement blade, and we don't want a bunch of OneBlade noobs vacuuming them all up. 

Today, in one of the best grooming deals around, a small but perfectly formed range of Philips OneBlade products is on sale. You should buy one – but form an orderly queue behind me first, please.

Philips OneBlade

Use it on your face…

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Philips OneBlade was little short of revolutionary when it first appeared a few years back. It looks a little like a manual razor, but it is electric. The secret to its genius is that it vibrates extremely fast – 200x per second, apparently – without ever quite touching your face. 

The first time I used one, I was absolutely amazed at how rapidly and aggressively it removed my 4-5 days of stubble. In fact, I would really recommend using it in the shower – or keeping a vacuum cleaner to hand – because it really does send hair everywhere. It's more reminiscent of using a lawnmower than a standard razor. 

What impressed me, even more, was that there was almost no irritation – something I'm normally very prone to, in every sense, including facial. This is because, as noted above, it doesn't quite touch your skin, thanks to a narrow plastic guard. Admittedly this means it doesn't give a perfectly smooth shave. However, an increasing number of men don't want that totally clean-cut look anymore. Also, if you do want completely smooth facial features, it's easy to finish off with a standard razor once the OneBlade has made mincemeat of your several days' growth. 

Each blade lasts 3-4 months, so Philips describes a replacement three-pack as a year's supply. Obviously, depending on how often you use your OneBlade and what your hair growth is like, you might get slightly more or less than this. 

Find out more about OneBlade after you have perused these deals…

Philips OneBlade: was £49.99, now £29.99 at Amazon

Philips OneBlade: was £49.99, now £29.99 at Amazon
The Philips OneBlade has a revolutionary technology designed for facial styling and body grooming. It can trim, edge and shave any length of hair. Its dual protection system – a glide coating combined with rounded tips – makes shaving easier and more comfortable.

Battery life is really impressive on the OneBlade as well – you get a solid 60 minutes from a four-hour charge. As you can tell from the various combs that you get with the Hybrid model, above, it's also not limited to doing only your face. It's excellent for body grooming, manscaping and lady gardening because, again, irritation and the amount of time required are really minimised. 

OneBlade can seem a little overpriced if you're not already a convert, but with these Amazon Prime Day deals, now is a great time to try one out. In the war against  unwanted hair, the OneBlade is a Stealth Bomber and AK-47 rolled into one. 

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