Philips Hue has finally revealed its new smart lights — here's all you need to know

The launch includes the new Dymera outdoor smart light and the previously announced Secure floodlight camera

Phillips Hue new products
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If you didn't know already, we're huge fans of Philips Hue smart lighting at T3. Known for manufacturing some of the best smart bulbs, best outdoor lights and best smart sensors, Philips Hue has been illuminating homes and gardens since 2012. 

2023 was an exciting year for Philips Hue with the brand releasing a range of new products, including its brach into smart home security. With CES 2024 taking place a few weeks ago, we were surprised not to see anything from Philips Hue, especially as the official release of a few Secure products was yet to occur. However, the smart lighting brand has pulled through today with its launch of even more lights and accessories. 

Today's launch includes the new Philips Hue Dymera wall light and new connectors for Philips Hue Perifo track lighting. It's also finally announced that the Secure floodlight camera is available to buy, alongside additional Secure app features. 

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Philips Hue Dymera

Philips Hue Dymera

(Image credit: Philips Hue / Signify)

The Philips Hue Dymera wall light combines functionality and style, offering individual control over two beams of light that shine up and down. With its sophisticated black design, Dymera is suitable for both indoors and outdoors and can illuminate large surfaces with warm-to-cool white and colour light. 

Using the Philips Hue app, each light can be dimmed or brightened while changing the colors individually. Users can also set a scene from the scene gallery for a more cohesive look.  

The Philips Hue Dymera wall light will be available on 27th February 2024 in UK and will retail for £199.99. 

Philips Hue Perifo connectors

Philips Hue Perifo connectors

(Image credit: Philips Hue / Signify)

For ceilings and walls, the new Philips Hue Perifo track lighting connectors will offer even more lighting flexibility. 

With the Philips Hue Perifo T connector, rails can run three different directions, letting users illuminate the entire room with smart track lighting. 

The Philips Hue Perifo flexible connector gives complete flexibility over the shape of the track, as the connector allows the rails to run in any direction and beyond 90-degree angles. This offers more possibilities to create any track lighting shape, and even run track lighting from the wall to the ceiling. 

The Philips Hue Perifo T connector will be available on 6th February 2024 in UK and will retail for £29.99. The Philips Hue Perifo flexible connector will be available at some point in the next few months, and will retail for £34.99. Both connectors are available in black and white.

Philips Hue Secure 

Philips Hue Secure floodlight camera

(Image credit: Philips Hue / Signify)

Specifically developed for outdoor use, the previously announced Philips Hue Secure floodlight camera is now available. It lets users keep an eye on the backyard, patio, or driveway, and — when a light alarm is triggered from the Philips Hue app — will immediately illuminate a large area in any colour. The Philips Hue Bridge is required for the Secure floodlight camera, which is now available to purchase on the Philips Hue website for £299.99. 

Finally, Philips Hue is continuously bringing new features to the Security Centre of the Philips Hue app. New updates are expected in the first half of 2024 and include improvements to security push notifications and the event timeline, as well as automatic light and sound alarms when motion is detected. Additionally, Philips Hue is working to develop support for Amazon Alexa and Google Home for the Philips Hue Secure system. 

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