Peloton-rival Technogym Ride offers advanced cycling statistics for a one-off price

Technogym Ride comes equipped with an integrated 22-inch screen and lets you switch from 0 to 1,000 Watts in 0.5 seconds

Technogym Ride
(Image credit: Technogym)

After dazzling us with its Dior collab, Technogym is back to stun us once again, albeit for a different reason this time around. The new Technogym Ride is a high-end exercise bike that combines the best aspects of Peloton Bike+ and the Wattbike Atom. Much like other Technogym products, the Ride represents the highest echelons of industrial design and has some of the most out-of-this-world features indoor bikes have to offer.

Best of all, the Technogym Ride does it all for a one-off price which is certainly a different take from basically all other brands around the world nowadays including the already mentioned Peloton but also Adobe, Netflix, Zwift and more. Speaking of Zwift: the Technogym Ride doesn't require a setup, all you need to do is login and all your apps, including Zwift, Training Peaks, Strava and even Youtube will be ready for you.

This doesn't mean you get all those services for free but you will be able to access it all from your dashboard without having to log into them all separately every time you use the bike. Technogym offers its own workouts through its Technogym App and you can also visit different cycling routes around the world including the Alpe d'Huez, the Dolomites, or the Icelandic highlands, to name a few.

Technogym Ride: Price and release date

The Technogym Ride is available to buy now directly from Technogym UK for a recommended retail price of £3,990 or £99.75/month. We haven't got any information about US/AU availability yet but it's safe to assume the Ride will become available worldwide soon.

Price inclusive of vat, delivery and installation. Delivery within 4 weeks from order confirmation for UK Mainland installations at the time of writing.

Technogym Ride: All you ever wanted from an indoor bike

Being a high-end indoor bike, the Technogym Ride is jam-packed with innovative features. Unlike the also higher-end Echelon EX-8s bike, the Technogym Ride could be used as a professional cycling training tool just like the Wattbike Atom mentioned above. In terms of design, functionality and price, the Ride sits closer to the Wahoo Bike than any other brands and products mentioned above.

Take, for example, the Smart Switch. This patent-pending digital gear shifter allows you to switch between a virtually unlimited number of gears and accurately manage power and FTP percentage – not a feature you'll find on a Peloton or Apex Bike. The Ride also has an ultra-fast reaction time and is capable of switching between 0-1,000 Watts in a matter of 0.5 seconds.

Even the pedals are collecting data: you can check the cadence, symmetry and circularity of your pedalling. The pedals (and the crankset as a whole) are not only smart but they can be adjusted, too, in three positions (170-172.5-175 mm) to best match your specific riding style.

Technogym Ride

(Image credit: Technogym)

As for content, the Technogym Ride is said to be your one-stop shop for all things cycling content and entertainment. The apps are already integrated into the 22-inch touchscreen – the same size Peloton uses – so you don't need to download or add them individually. these apps include Rouvy, Zwift, Training Peaks, Strava, Netflix, Eurosport and more.

Plus, Technogym's own workouts are said to maximise your performance with their trainers specifically based on your FTP. If you download the Technogym App, you also get access to the Technogym Neuromuscular Training-TNT programs: these were developed by the Technogym Research Center to improve both metabolic and neuromuscular qualities.

Some Technogym Ride specs:

  • Dimensions (length x width): 1620 mm x 650 mm (64" x 26")
  • Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
  • Resistance system: Electromagnetic brake
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy, ANT+
  • Max. user weight: 160 kg (353 lbs)
  • Flywheel weight: 5.4 kg (11.9 lbs)
  • Pedals: Dual-sided SPD pedals (in coated aluminum)
  • Gradient: -3/+15%
  • FTP%: 0-300%
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