Panasonic levels-up its 2024 OLED TV range with major upgrades for gamers

New premium TVs across different budgets with up to 144Hz gaming

Panasonic 2024 OLED TVs
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Panasonic has announced a whole host of new TVs at an event in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Its 2024 lineup includes five OLED TV models, plus a range of Mini LED and full array LED sets – most with Amazon's Fire TV built in.

Panasonic has expanded its range of best OLED TVs for 2024 – and their biggest upgrades this year include a host of enhanced features for gamers.

To go along with the flagship Panasonic Z95A and Z95A OLED TVs launched during CES earlier this year, the brand is introducing the Z90A, Z85A and Z80A.

Like the previously unveiled pair, the Z90A offers 144Hz refresh rates, with support for both AMD FreeSync Premium and Nvidia G-Sync, and there's Panasonic's proprietary Game Mode Extreme to ensure pictures are at their best when connected to a console or PC.

It also runs on the new HCX Pro AI Mk II processor, which drives the flagship models too. And, it uses Panasonic's own Master OLED Pro panel in the 55- and 65-inch screen sizes. There are also 42- and 48-inch versions, with a standard OLED panel, but with the rest of the premium features.

The Panasonic Z85A and Z80A sport many of the same features, but drop the refresh rate to 120Hz.

The Z85A has the same new processing chip as the Z90A and has the FreeSync Premium and G-Sync support, while the Z80A runs on the step-down HCX processor.

The Panasonic Z85A will be available in 55- and 65-inch screen sizes, as is the Z80A, which adds a 48-inch variant, as well.

All of the OLED TVs for 2024 will feature Fire TV for the user experience, making them pretty much the best sets on the market with Amazon's operating system built in.

Panasonic has also expanded its lineup to include Mini LED and full array LED sets, which focus on gaming too.

They include the W95A which goes up to a mammoth 75-inches and also features 144Hz, HCX Pro AI Mk II processing, and AMD FreeSync Premium support.

We're still awaiting availability details and pricing, but should know more in the coming days.

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