Our washing wish: a double dose of cutting-edge cleaning

How Miele’s TwinDos uses cutting-edge tech to care for your clothes

When was the last time you thought about detergent? If you’re like us, the answer is probably “never”. And that means you’re missing out on cutting-edge auto-dispensing technology that ensures your whites remain white and your jeans never show signs of wear. 

Miele thinks about detergent quite a lot. They’ve discovered that we’re awfully inefficient when it comes to washing our clothes. Wouldn’t it be great if we could not only get our clothes cleaner but do it more efficiently, less expensively and with less of an environmental footprint?

Say hello to TwinDos.

What TwinDos does

TwinDos is an innovative auto-dispensing system, and you’ll only find it in Miele products such as the hugely impressive Miele WWE660. That particular model has Wi-Fi, which is really handy for keeping an eye on things when you’re in another room, but it’s the TwinDos tech that’s going to make the biggest difference. It uses auto-dosing technology to ensure that the perfect amount of detergent is added to the wash at just the right time, and it’s so efficient it can reduce detergent consumption by as much as 30%. TwinDos makes your clothes cleaner and brighter and makes an appliance that’s already A+++ energy rated even more environmentally friendly. 

With TwinDos, Miele has taken a clean slate: if you wanted to make the most efficient and effective washing system imaginable, what would you do? 

Miele decided that the key was to develop its own detergents, which it calls UltraPhase 1 and UltraPhase 2. And there’s more to them than excitingly sci-fi sounding names. TwinDos analyses the load to identify the perfect combination of UltraPhase 1 and UltraPhase 2, dispensing just the right amount to ensure a brilliant wash performance. The results are visibly better, and enzymes in UltraPhase 1 remove tough stains and  keep colours vivid for longer, whilst brightening agents in UltraPhase 2 ensure whites stay white. The detergent and the appliance work together to deliver the smartest possible clean. 

It’s very clever and uses nearly a third less detergent than rival systems.¹ And the detergent is free for the first 6 months: Miele is currently offering enough for 5 wash programmes a week, 250 wash cycles a year, absolutely free. And with AO.com’s price promise you can be sure that you’re getting the device at the best possible price.

Everything is awesome

TwinDos is very clever. The combination of its cutting-edge tech and UltraPhase’s super-efficient enzymes delivers exceptional results in every wash.

And TwinDos isn’t the only clever thing you’ll find inside the latest Miele washing machines. 

We’ve already mentioned the extraordinary energy efficiency but they’re practical too, with an 8kg drum that’s big enough for even the most demanding families. There’s Wi-Fi control so you can see what’s going on and tweak the programme from your smartphone using the Miele@Home app, fuzzy logic processing that constantly analyses the wash to use the most appropriate settings throughout, and plenty of programming options to cover every kind of fabric from silk to sportswear.

They’re built to last, too. Miele products’ reliability is legendary, and it torture-tests its washing machines with the equivalent of 20 years of hard labour to make sure they can handle anything. And when you buy from AO.com, in the unlikely event anything goes wrong there’s a friendly UK call centre ready to help and with an Excellent rating on TrustPilot.

Easy does it

Miele products are created to make life easier, and that’s something that starts when you place your order: as an AO.com customer you can choose delivery that suits you. That could mean next day delivery or a scheduled delivery six weeks from now; it’s up to you, and you can always check the status of your order using the free AO.com app. On the morning of the delivery they’ll text you with a four-hour delivery window so there’s no need to hang about, and if for whatever reason you aren’t absolutely delighted returns are free too. 

If you’d like to find out more about TwinDos technology and how Miele’s latest washing machines deliver better, brighter, more environmentally friendly results, shop the Miele TwinDos range at AO.com.

1. According to examination Öko-Institut eV from 06.09.2013 : "Savings through automatic dosage TwinDos in washing machines"


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