OnePlus 7 with sliding screen and triple camera looks stunning in this video

New generation of OnePlus pushes what affordable can offer

OnePlus 7 concept
(Image credit: DBS Designing)

The OnePlus 7 could be the most exciting smartphone for 2019, packing in top specs but at a more affordable price than the competition, much as the OnePlus 6T has done this year. Now new images of what we may be able to expect have appeared in an exciting video.

The OnePlus 7 has appeared as it may look on reveal, in a new concept video which shows off the renders of DBS Designing. Based on rumours this gives us a glimpse at one possible future for the new flagship OnePlus handset. Check it out below.

Since the OnePlus 6T was an iterative improvement on the OnePlus 6, we expect the OnePlus 7 to come with some even more impressive spec bumps. The price should still remain far more affordable than the top-end competition but while still offering all the specs you could want.

The render shows off a triple lens rear camera, which seems to be the trend for 2019 phones according to leaks so far. But even more exciting is the fact that the front-facing camera is hidden behind the sliding screen. This would mean the possibility for a true all screen display with no bezels or notches at all.

Since the OnePlus handset is often based on Oppo phones, this sliding screen is a very real possibility after the Oppo Find X offered exactly that when it launched in China. 

This render shows the OnePlus 7 with a dual front-facing camera setup which could mean facial recognition and real-world scanning capabilities. The same scanning could be possible on the rear making this future-proofed for augmented reality.

Expect the OnePlus 7 to get launched mid-way through 2019.

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