OnePlus 6T is getting a limited edition McLaren redesign next month

Can we expect faster speeds, or just a bright orange paint job?

OnePlus 6T McLaren Redesign

OnePlus has announced a collaboration with luxury British supercar maker McLaren.  The Shenzen-based company is keeping mum about exactly what this new partnership will entail, however, the teaser page published on the OnePlus website spilled the beans, thanks to the “mclaren-6t" model name included in the URL (although this has since been changed).

OnePlus is no stranger to custom editions of its flagship handsets, having previously created a Star Wars variant of its OnePlus 5T to celebrate the release of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi", followed by an "Avengers: Infinity War" edition of the OnePlus 6.

The teaser webpage for the McLaren Edition OnePlus 6T carries the tagline "Salute To Speed". OnePlus leaned into the speed and responsive of its handset when marketing the OnePlus 6T last month with the slogan "Unlock the Speed".

It's unclear whether the McLaren makeover will sport more than the already-sizeable 8GB of RAM available in the maxed-out OnePlus 6T, which is powered by the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. Although this could go some way to boost performance, it would also increase the price of the handset – something OnePlus has shied away from with previous limited edition runs.

When it comes to cars, McLaren’s signature colour is bright orange – so there’s a pretty high chance that'll figure on the McLaren 6T. Indeed, it's already featured in the teaser webpage on the OnePlus site.

OnePlus says the new version of its flagship smartphone will launch at the McLaren Technology Centre, in Woking on December 11. The keynote starts at 9:30am (4:30am ET, 1.30am PT) so there isn't long left to wait before we find out what the two companies have in-store for us.

Interestingly, the teaser webpage about the McLaren 6T highlights OnePlus' recent race to launch a 5G compatible handset. This ties nicely into the speed rhetoric of the partnership between the companies. But given that the Shenzhen-based firm has already confirmed that its first 5G handset will be a brand-new line of devices – separate from the OnePlus 5, 5T, 6, 6T line – it has us wondering whether the first 5G handset will be a limited edition speed-focused collaboration with McLaren.

We'll find out soon enough, so stay tuned for the latest from T3.