OnePlus 7 looks amazing in this pure screen picture

Goodbye notch, hello edge-to-edge display

OnePlus 7 concept
(Image credit: Ben Geskin)

The OnePlus 7 screen is a stunner, or at least it will be if this newly revealed picture proves to be what we can expect. If so, the follow-up to the OnePlus 6T should offer enough to make the iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy S10 look dated.

Serial leakster Ben Geskin has shard the OnePlus 7 concept render on his Twitter account. The concept image looks very lifelike and could be the new screen type that OnePlus upgrades to.

Currently the OnePlus 6T uses a notch screen, albeit a very minimal one. This concept shows the front facing camera detached from the bezel floating in the screen. A similar concept was applied to the Samsung Galaxy S10 recently. Could this be the future trend for all-screen smartphones?

If OnePlus can offer this cutting-edge tech on its next flagship smartphone we expect it will mean a bump in price from the usual budget friendly options. Another feature that could push that price up is 5G, which has also been rumoured for the OnePlus 7.

Pricing shouldn't be so much of an issue though as we've got literally months to save up before there's any chance we'll see this beauty appear.

Luke Edwards

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