Ofcom tests your tech-savviness with new DQ quiz

Because IQ tests are so last millenium...

Turns out those sods from Generation Z are trumping pretty much everyone when it comes to tech...

Golden oldies beware - Ofcom's new Communications Market Report reckons 14 and 15 year olds are the most tech-savvy denizens of humble Blighty.

The new research makes use of a new 'Digital Quotient' - think IQ for things that go beep in the night - which measures 'confidence and knowledge of communications technology'.

The study quizzed around 2000 adults and 800 children, revealing that a six year old claims the same level of tech knowledge as a 45 year old, with the overall average sitting at a DQ of 100.

Interestingly, over 60% of over-55s racked up a below average digital quotient, putting pensioners on the back foot when it comes to tech.

"As a result of growing up in the digital age, 12-15 year olds are developing fundamentally different communication habits than older generations, even compared to the advanced 16-24 age group," says Ofcom.

Apparently the 12-15 group are even binning the telephone, with just 3% of comms in that age range made over voice calls. By contrast, 94% of youngster chatter is text-based i.e. IMs and social networking.

Perhaps worryingly, the report also revealed that UK adults now typically spend more time using media or communications (8hrs 41m) than actually sleeping (8hrs 21m).

You can take the DQ quiz yourself right here and see how you match up against the rest of the UK.

T3.com got an expectedly boff score of 135, but then again wearea bunch of gadget-fondling saddos. Swings and roundabouts, eh?