Nvidia GeForce Now Ultimate subscribers get the best upgrade yet

Nvidia's cloud gaming platform gets a massive boost

Nvidia GeForce Now
(Image credit: Nvidia)

Nvidia has finally opened its best SuperPod servers to all GeForce Now Ultimate subscribers.

The cloud gaming platform began its rollout of RTX 4080 SuperPods in January this year but has finally switched over for all members on its most premium tier, no matter where they are in the world.

Previously, most Ultimate subscribers were limited to running games on RTX 3080 hardware. Admittedly, that's also a super-powerful gaming solution, but only a select few could access the greater capabilities offered by RTX 4080 graphics.

This now means that you can stream games in up to 4K and 120 frames-per-second with ray tracing switched on if the title supports it. You do not need to worry about performance issues at all.

What is Nvidia GeForce Now?

Like Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus Premium, and Antstream Arcade, GeForce Now is a cloud gaming platform whereby you stream games over an internet connection rather than play them locally. You receive video of your gameplay while your controller, keyboard and/or mouse movements are sent in the other direction.

But, unlike most other cloud gaming services, GeForce Now doesn't offer you a set library of games to choose from – it links with online digital stores, such as Steam and the Epic Games Store, and gives you access to your own library titles you've already purchased.

Thousands of games are supported and more are added every week. You can also play them across multiple connected devices, including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Chromebooks, some Smart TVs and Nvidia's own Shield TV set-top-box.

Also unlike most other services, GeForce Now has a free tier. It offers access to basic servers and only for one hour at a time, but you don't have to pay a penny to play.

There's also a Priority tier which costs £8.99 per month for up to 1080p 60fps gaming  for six hours on a standard, ray tracing-enabled rig.

And finally, there's the Ultimate tier which has now been boosted to include RTX 4080 access for all. That costs £17.99 per month and allows up to eight hour gameplay sessions at a time.

You can find out more about Nvidia GeForce Now on its dedicated website, which includes details on how to sign up.

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