Now Musk wants X to replace Netflix and Prime Video on your Smart TV

The "everything app" to diversify further

Elon Musk at Fallout event 2024
(Image credit: Mat Hayward / Getty Images for Prime Video)

Elon Musk wasn't kidding when he said that he wanted X to be the "everything app" – as well as introduce features such as video and voice calling, he has set his sights on the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.

Yep, X will soon be available on your Smart TV for you to stream video clips, live events and even longer form broadcasts.

Multiple reports appeared online over the weekend (including on IBT and SamMobile) claiming that the social network will launch its own TV app, while Musk himself responded to an X post confirming that it is "coming soon".

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The service will first launch on Samsung TVs and Amazon's Fire TV platform. The latter means that, as well as access the service through sets like the Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED series, you'll be able to watch X videos on the company's streaming dongles, such as the Fire TV Stick 4K Max.

X on TV will initially work like YouTube, we imagine, but with the service also pitching for live events and other programming, it could become a valid competitor to subscription streaming services.

And, considering how Musk changed the way Twitter worked before rebranding, we wouldn't be surprised if a payment plan was introduced in some way. Indeed, it may be that longer form videos become locked behind the platform's existing Premium membership.

In terms of content, it was recently announced that WWE will launch an exclusive show on X this spring. WWE Speed will air weekly and be available to stream for free on the network. The deal has been signed for two years and is an indication of what type of thing the service could offer in future.

There's currently no word on whether there are apps planned for Roku, Google TV, Apple's tvOS or LG TVs, for example, but we'd be hugely surprised if they don't also get X in the coming months.

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