Nintendo Switch: how to save £££ on EVERY game this Xmas

Bust Nintendo's wallet-gouging eShop prices with this amazing, deal-tastic trick

Nintendo Switch games deals eShop

If you're a gamer looking to stuff your stocking with the best Nintendo Switch games going this Christmas, like the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, then the winter holiday awesome has just come early.

That's because instead of having to pay full price for everything on the Nintendo Switch eShop this December, or patiently holding off in the hope the Big N will drop a deal on the exact title you want to play, you can save money on any game thanks to this red-hot Nintendo Switch deal.

Nintendo Switch eShop eGift Cards | save 7%
If you want to fill your stocking with top Nintendo Switch games this December then you should definitely take a look at this sweet deal. That's because you can currently save a tasty 7% on all Nintendo Switch eShop funds eGift Cards over at Zeek Marketplace. That means, for example, that you can buy £15 worth of eShop credit for just £13.90, meaning that you are paying less for every game you then go and buy. The 7% saving applies to all cards up to £50, too, with the top card available right now for only £46.50.View Deal

We loved the Nintendo Switch on review, praising its innovative design as well as premium look and feel, and were blown away by some absolutely stunning launch-year titles, with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey bagging perfect scores across the board.

What we're still not too keen on, though, is the comparatively high prices offered on some titles in the Nintendo Switch eShop, so this sweet deal is definitely worth exploiting in our eyes if you want to cut off that Nintendo price premium.