Nintendo 3DS UK price drops to £197 courtesy of Tesco

Glasses-free 3D console slips further below £200

Sub-£200 3DS offer lasts just two days

Retail giant Tesco has unveiled the UK's cheapest price for the Nintendo 3DS to date with the glasses-free 3D console available for pre-order priced just £197.

Undercutting supermarket competitor Sainsbury's by £2.99, the Tesco offer sadly runs only until tomorrow, Thursday February 10th, with wannabe 3DS owners looking to make use of the sub-£200 price tag required to first obtain a special code from

Having aquired the redemption code 3D portable console shoppers are than needed to follow a link to the Tesco site where £20 will be removed from the device's standard £217 price point.

Yesterday saw the official unveiling of the full list of 3D titles that will launch alongside the 3DS console in the UK on March 25th. Joining the likes of Ninty's very own Pilotwings Resort and nintendogs in the 13 strong list of titles will be the sporting powerhouse Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 and the console classic Super Street Fighter IV.

Is the Nintendo 3DS' price tag an acceptable sum to fork out for glasses-free 3D gaming or is the new £197 mark still too high? Share your views on the console's imminent arrival with us via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

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