News@8pm: PSP2 OLED screen and HTC 7 Pro priced

Plus: Android phone space mission and 3DS UK launch

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The Nintendo 3DS release is merely a couple of months away and, reassuringly, MCV revealed there will be approximately 10 games to choose from on release day such as Street Fighter IV, Pro Evo as well as host of titles from Ubisoft. Another new handheld console on it's way to us is the PSP2 if rumours are to be believed but exactly what the spec will be remains as conjecture. Amongst the latest rumours include an OLED touchscreen display and 3G capabilities.


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The Motorola Xoom's price is set to live up to suggestions of it donning a 'premier' price when the iPad rival is released on February 17th across the pond. Best Buy's latest leaked pricing sees the tablet come in at a hefty $799. Apple's update to the iPad is set to be released in a matter of weeks but reports from 9to5Mac suggest that the rear-facing camera will be a disappointing 1-Megapixal.

LG Optimus 2x: Prices have been revealed for LG's upcoming Optimus 2X. SIM-free the Optimus will demand a whopping £500 whilst Vodafone are offering contracts at £30.65 a month. That price might seem astronomical to some but one phone that is set blast off is a Google Android phone. British engineers are planning to test the limitations of an unnamed Android phone by sending it into outer space.

HTC 7 Pro: The Windows Phone 7 handset is to be available on Vodafone from just over £30 a month with SIM-free prices at £459.99 with a release date set for 11th February according to Expansys. HTC's trademark interface 'Sense UI' is set to make the transition from smartphones to tablets once released and renamed to 'HTC Sensation'.