News@8pm: PSP 2 power claims and Nexus Two spotted

Plus: Angry Birds costumes and Apple domination

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Angry Birds invade Halloween! If there's one theme that seems to be popular this Halloween it has to be Angry Birds. The popular app game is up against 'Cut the Rope' in a mighty battle of the apps. To support their favourite game two fans have decided to make their own Angry Birds costume for Halloween. The lengts some people go to...


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Bold PSP 2 claims surface: That's right, the web's rumour mongerers say that the new PSP 2 is going to be more powerful than the Xbox 360. Is that even possible? Let us know your views. Also, on the theme of the PlayStation/Xbox rivalry, it seems Microsoft agrees that the PS3 Move is a 'great product'. Wow is this a sign of surrender to Sony in the Kinect VS Move war?

Apple closer to domination: From the looks of a very interesting mobile phone sales chart, it seems Apple has overtaken RIM in the battle for the best handset. In celebration they've allowed Pizza Express to install of iPod docks so that customers can listen to personalised music while eating.

Nexus Two spotted: Not expected until November 8th, the Nexus Two has already been spotted. Want to know the details? Then check out the low-down on this new handset. Talking of new, did you know that one in seven Brits are replacing their watches with new technology? Does it really matter what a watch can do as long as it tells the time? Or does the future of time telling rest with James Bond esq. laser watches? Let us know on the T3 Twitter feed.