News@8pm: L.A Noire released & Nintendo privacy row escalates

Plus Free Xbox 360 to PC buyers & iOS game downloads

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Yet another busy week in tech has passed us by, here are our highlights from the past seven days, enjoy.

The highly anticipated Nintendo Wii 2 is likely to be announced soon after the original motion-controlled device dropped in price to below £100 for the first time. It emerged today that Nintendo have been granted full access to their users details, giving the company the authority to remotely brick your device.


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Apple's Mac computers were targeted for the first time by Malware with the system invasion prompting users to purchase anti-viral software. Better news for Apple was the announcement that iOS receives five million game downloads per day.

L.A Noire release has avid games talking frantically about the groundbreaking graphics, but there have been reports of the both the Xbox and PS3 failing to cope with the games demands. Rockstar's latest development has been reviewed by our games critic, Matt Hill, who asked the question will L.A Noire revolutionise the gaming industry?

Microsoft have launched a scheme which will see the computer giants give away a free Xbox 360 console with any purchase of a PC in the USA, but only to students.