News@8pm: Dell Thunder spied and Apple iTv

Plus: A PSP Android phone and iPod Touch delayed

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Today's news kicked off with word that Apple's TV revamp was changing its name to iTV (expect some fuss when it lands in the UK) and will come with a lower resolution than the proposed 1080p Full HD.

But the Apple disappointments don't end there as rumours of an iPod Touch release within the week were quashed. Instead, the device will debut in mid-September at a later-than-usual annual gathering. It's not all bad news for Apple enthusiasts as a study by revealed that iPhone owners get lucky twice as much as people packing Android handsets. Do you believe the stats? Hit up our Facebook page to tell us what you think.

Even though Android users may not be getting as much sex, today at least gave them more to get excited about as the Dell Thunder smartphone was spied, and is shaping up to be one of the best Androids on the market.

Elsewhere, the buzz is that Sony is lining up a PlayStation phone that will run on Android's Gingerbread OS. Hopefully it won't be a repeat of the Nokia N-Gage. Also just days after the launch of Motorola's Droid 2, pictures have come out of an R2-D2-skinned handset – we only wish it could hover and speak in bleeps.

In the world of the web, Facebook is preparing to launch their own music-streaming service, threatening to give the likes of Spotify and We7 plenty to think about.

Another gigantic company attempting to muscle into a market is Tesco, who today announced a £6-a-month rolling contract with unlimited texts designed to wrangle thrifty customers away from the major networks.

And lastly, it appears that Microsoft will not be bringing sign-language recognition to Kinects shipping in November, though there is the possibility that a higher resolution upgrade may come in the future.