News@8pm: CoD: Black Ops cheap prices and Android 2.2

Plus: Apple's dead pixels and White BlackBerry Bold 9780

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Apple lose followers as its latest antics reveal some interesting facts. Apple MacBook Air owners will find that when using Flash you will lose a third of your battery power. No wonder the Macbook Air wasn't released with pre-installed Flash. The dead pixel policy for Apple's iPhone and iPad has been leaked, revealing that your iMac needs more than 15 dead pixels for Apple to take notice. Not a good day for our confidence in Apple.


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White BlackBerry Bold 9780 will be arriving at the Carphone Warehouse on November 8th. Further good news: current BlackBerry owners can now access their favourite BBC TV programmes and radio shows on the go, after news that BBC iPlayer has landed on BlackBerry. So no worries if you're late getting home for Eastenders; you can now watch it on your phone for free.

The CoD: Black Ops price war
is now in full swing. We got into the thick of the action to bring you the cheapest UK deals for Call of Duty: Black Ops, as well as info on 2011 seeing the biggest DLC ever for the CoD series. Also: love Star Wars? Got an iPhone? Then why don't you augment reality by playing the Star Wars: Falcon Gunner game app for the iPhone. You could be fending off TIE fighters in New York, London, or even your bathroom.

The Samsung Galaxy S
is getting an upgrade. This improvement comes in the form of new Google OS, Android 2.2 FroYo. Galaxy S users should have the new upgrade by the end of November, improving their handsets and adding lots of extra features. This isn't the only Android news though, as the LG Optimus One Android smartphone has been unveiled and is now on sale.