News@8pm: 3DS profit margin and Google CEO departs

Plus: Motorola Xoom: 'premium' price and device

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The Nintedo 3DS, which is set to hit the shelves in March, will be available to retailers for just £173 meaning that a £50 profit will be made on each unit. Also, Nintendo are expecting to benefit from the unique selling point of 3DS' insisting that they are not phased by the imminent arrival of Sony's PSP2.


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HTC Desire 2? Leaked photos suggest that Taiwanese phone giants HTC are working on an update to the Desire as well as a button-less smartphone after several images have been circulating of possible HTC models. Instead of waiting for Apple to make one and seemingly being bored of the stock black appearance, one iPhone user made his own see-through casing.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt announced via Twitter that he was to step down from his post and allow Larry Page to take his place citing his reason as the company no longer needing “day-to-day adult supervision”. The Motorola Xoom, described as being 'pure Google' is to don a 'premium' price to reflect its status as a 'premium device' according to Motorola's Marketing VP.