Wahoo KICKR ROLLR to redefine what cyclists should expect from a turbo trainer

Wahoo also launched its new POWRLINK ZERO, the first dual-entry, pedal-based power meter for road cyclists and triathletes

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Thanks to Wahoo, you don't have to choose between the natural ride feel of a roller and the performance advantages (so much data!) of a turbo trainer. The latest addition to the Wahoo family, KICKR ROLLR, is said to combine the best of both worlds and features a dual roller-based design as well as offering all the benefits of controlled resistance and connectivity.

The KICKR ROLLR can be seamlessly integrated into the wider SYSTM ecosystem (that includes the Wahoo RIVAL watch) along with the also newly released POWRLINK ZERO pedal-based power meter which is available for purchase in both single-sided and dual-sided options. 

Both the Wahoo KICKR ROLLR and the POWRLINK ZERO are available to purchase from today, 22 Feb 2022, directly from Wahoo US, Wahoo UK, Wahoo AU or through authorised Wahoo retailers. 

KICKR ROLLR has an MSRP of $799.99/£699.99/AU$1,199.95 or $1,399.96/£1,199.99/AU$2,071.43 bundled with the SPEEDPLAY POWRLINK ZERO single-sided power meter.

The new POWRLINK ZERO has an MSRP is $649.99/£549.99 and $999.99/£849.99/AU$1,499.95/AU$949.95 (single/double-sided, respectively). The new power meter offering complements the existing Wahoo SPEEDPLAY pedal system line, which consists of the COMP, ZERO, NANO, and AERO.

Wahoo KICKR ROLLR: Behaves like roller, performs like a turbo

The KICKR ROLLR takes the traditional roller design and merges it with turbo trainers, such as the Wahoo Kickr Snap, creating a roller-turbo hybrid that allows riders to enjoy the free-flowing sensation of rollers while collecting as much data as they usually would by riding a smart trainer.

Cycling rollers take a bit of practice to master but they have been one of the best ways to train indoors on your road bike without having to take your bike apart to mount it on a turbo. Thanks to the Safety Tire Gripper, a feature that secures the front wheel on bikes with tires up to 2.1” / 53mm, it won't take nearly as long to master the KICKR ROLLR.

Designed to accommodate a wide range of frame and tire sizes via a quick-release adjustable wheelbase clamp, the KICKR ROLLR makes it easy to take bikes on and off, whether it's because you want to continue your indoor training outside or to allow someone else to have a go on the roller.

To provide accurate power measurement and smart trainer control, KICKR ROLLR seamlessly connects to bike-mounted ANT+ power meters, which is not surprising considering Wahoo also just launched the POWRLINK ZERO power meter.

POWRLINK ZERO is built around the SPEEDPLAY ZERO pedal system, which was updated and relaunched by Wahoo in 2021. Like the rest of the Wahoo SPEEDPLAY range, POWRLINK ZERO "features convenient, dual-sided entry, low stack height, and pedal float that is adjustable to between 0-15 degrees", Wahoo explains.

Wahoo took the +/-1% accuracy of their KICKR series of smart trainers and replicated it in the POWRLINK ZERO. Couple that with a rechargeable battery that provides 75 hours of ride time per charge, connection to third-party apps and devices via ANT+ and Bluetooth, and backwards compatibility with legacy SPEEDPLAY ZERO cleats, and POWRLINK ZERO is positioned to "be the power meter of choice for discerning athletes", according to Wahoo.

The new POWRLINK ZERO weighs 250 grams for the single-sided option (left power measurement only) or 276 grams for the dual-sided option. 

Pros are already using the new power meter: POWRLINK ZERO has already been selected as the power meter of choice for some highly accomplished athletes, including IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion Lucy Charles-Barclay and the Le Col Wahoo women’s professional road team.

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