New Samsung Galaxy Buds tipped as user manual leaks

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE could be on their way soon

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 review
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Samsung is allegedly gearing to announce a new pair of its own-brand earbuds.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds FE first appeared in an FCC listing in August, with the Federal Communications Commission generally approving devices shortly before their launch, and now a user manual for the new headphones has reportedly leaked.

Considering we're also expecting a Samsung Galaxy S23 FE phone – possibly around October time – it wouldn't come as a major surprise to see the new in-ears launch beside it.

There might even be a Samung Galaxy Tab S9 FE tablet for good measure.

Back to the new buds and, according to images found in the purported manual (as obtained by GalaxyClub), they aren't far removed from the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro in design. Those were first unveiled more than a year ago, so it makes sense to get a new pair to market.

One major feature is that the new in-ears will come with USB-C charging. There are also slightly redesigned ear tips, that seem better moulded to fit most ears and stay in place during exercise.

There are few other details to glean from the documentation at present, although it's clear that there are only two microphones on each bud. That makes us wonder whether they'll feature active noise cancellation or not.

Samsung Galaxy Buds FE manual page

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There's not much indication in the manual neither, with the only main body of text we've seen so far saying that'll be good for music and answering calls – much like any other pair of headphones, really.

The document does confirm the name of the new in-ears though, as "Galaxy Buds FE".

GalaxyClub also claims that the price for these more-affordable true wireless earbuds will be around €120 to €150. That's around £120.

Hopefully, a full debut is on the cards, so we should know more soon. Until then, we'll keep an eye out for any more leaks and rumours on the Samsung Galaxy Buds FE headphones or other devices the company might launch before this year's holiday season.

That includes new information on the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE as and when it comes in.

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