New Logitech app turns any smartphone or tablet into a multi-cam streaming setup

Logitech's Mevo Go can create multi-cam content with any devices you own

Logitech for Creators launch Mevo Go app
(Image credit: Logitech)

Creating a multi-cam setup for streaming or content creation isn't cheap or easy. Logitech for Creators already had a somewhat inexpensive solution in the form of the Mevo system that allows multiple Mevo cameras to be used simultaneously to stream content. However, with the new Mevo Go, Logitech lets you use any smartphone or tablet you have as a camera in your multi-cam setup.

Mevo Go is included in a new Mevo subscription plan called Mevo Pro. The new companion app in the Mevo ecosystem provides creators with "powerful features to experience the best solution in multi-cam streaming and recording", says Logi. Essentially, Mevo Go can turn any iOS or Android device into a source for sending video, audio and screencasting to the Mevo Multicam app, enabling you to capture any event from multiple perspectives without needing additional hardware.

With Mevo Go, you can stream and record multi-cam videos in 1080p HD resolution with any combination of dedicated Mevo cameras and mobile devices (so no 4k videos, sorry). "Whether you're streaming a live event, a music performance, or a youth sports game, Mevo Go is the fastest and most seamless way to add new angles to your story," said Otto Cedeno, Head of Mevo at Logitech.

You can upgrade to Mevo Pro via in-app purchase within the Mevo or Mevo Multicam app, available on the Apple App Store and in Google Play. A 14-day free trial is available. By subscribing to Mevo Pro, you can access features across all Mevo apps, including multi-destination streaming. Mevo Go is a download available from 8 January 2023. Mevo Pro ($19 per month or $149 annually) is available in the United States, Canada, and select countries in Europe. For more information, please visit the Mevo Go (opens in new tab) and Mevo Pro (opens in new tab) websites.

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