New Google Maps update for Android Auto users goes live

Google Maps issue prevented rotary control knobs from working properly

Android Auto Coolwalk update
(Image credit: Google)

A great feature of Google’s Android Auto infotainment system is how it can be interacted with via a touchscreen, buttons or a rotary control knob, depending on what hardware the car has.

But what happens when the system no longer recognises inputs from a control knob? That’s the issue that has recently plagued Android Auto users, where the system launches straight into Google Maps, but in a state where movement of the car’s control knob is not recognised and the app cannot be exited.

This is particularly problematic in cars that don’t have touch-sensitive dashboard displays (yes, they still exist, even in new models), or vehicles that disable the screens touch sensitivity when in motion, like Mazdas.

Android Auto users posted on Google’s help forums earlier in November to report the problem. One user said: “Android Auto loads fine and I can work within Google Maps…but I can’t navigate off of maps to get to the menu or any other programs. All other nav based or physical shortcuts buttons are also stuck.”

Another Android Auto user, who owns a 2017 Audi S3, said: “ get down to the menu you normally slide the dial downwards. This isn’t working at all.”

Thankfully, and as discovered by Autoevolution, Google appears to have resolved the issue.

The latest software update to Google Maps, called version 11.58.0701 and released on 24 November has fixed the bug, according to Android Auto support forum users. The patch can either be installed manually by downloading the standalone APK, or users can wait until it is rolled out to their smartphone via the Play store.

Alistair Charlton

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