New Disney Plus TV show looks like 2022's must-watch Marvel superhero series

Marvel just premiered the first Ms. Marvel trailer – and it looks like another massive win for Disney Plus

Disney Plus TV show Ms. Marvel
(Image credit: Disney)

The official trailer for the new Disney Plus TV show Ms. Marvel just dropped and it looks like the next must-watch superhero series of 2022.

Already over the last 12 months, Disney Plus subscribers like me have been treated to some elite-tier superhero TV series, such as WandaVision and Loki, and from June 8 this year we'll now be able to stream and enjoy Ms. Marvel, too. The trailer, which can be watched in full below, gives us a great first look at what we can expect from the show, with the setting, backstory and plenty of action shown off.

Ms. Marvel tells the tale of Kamala Khan, a Muslim Pakistani-American teen growing up in Jersey City. Khan is obsessed with the Avengers and particularly loves Captain Marvel, which helps to deal with her feelings of detachment at both home and school. However, when Khan gets superpowers of her own her, life gets turned upside down. The character was only created in November 2013 but has quickly established a devoted fan base – most recently, headlining the Marvel's Avengers video game in 2020. 

I think Ms. Marvel looks extremely interesting, as it appears to be a fresh take on the typical coming-of-age narrative in teenagers that is evident in so many superhero films and TV series. It also seems to continue the trend I've seen as of late with superhero properties in that Ms. Marvel doesn't seem to take itself too seriously.

Disney Plus TV show Ms. Marvel

(Image credit: Disney)

The challenges that Khan has to deal with in the trailer are also worth highlighting, ranging from the cultural impact of the character being a Muslim in the US to the character's relationships with friends and love interests to the impact all of this (and her newfound superpowers) have on her home life. And who doesn't love that backing track of Blinding Lights, either?! Let's hope we get more of that in the full show.

For me, it is yet another Marvel series to look forward to streaming on Disney Plus, which rapidly is building out a 2022 roster of shows and movies that rival services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video will be very envious of.

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