New interactive BBC show on Echo could change entertainment forever

Is this what is felt like when the first radio show fired out across the airwaves?

The BBC has been on the forefront of entertainment technology since it first embraced radio way back in 1927. Now it’s making another hugely significant jump with a show that involves the listener interacting thanks to the Alexa AI.

The BBC Inspection Chamber is a show for Amazon Echo devices which allows the listener/player to interact and affect the final outcome of the events.

The sci-fi programme was developed by the Research & Development arm of the BBC which aims to further explore how this new method could change the way shows work.

The BBC Inspection Chamber starts with a computer, called Dave, and two scientists inspecting you to find out what you are. Peppered with dark humour this has a real feel of the game Portal, only this time you’re answering back.

Since there are multiple endings to the story it might be worth playing through more than once to see what you can change. 

George Wright, head of Internet Research and Future Services for the BBC says “The Inspection Chamber is an experimental first step using this emerging medium. It enables listeners to take part and interact in a way they never have before. They’re not just a listener any more - they have an active role in the story, playing the fourth character in a radio play which puts them in the heart of the action. This collaboration between the BBC's R&D department and a new audio independent company is something we're all excited by.”

This could, conceivably be a new way to create shows for a more interactive entertainment future. The show is available now from the Alexa Skills Store and BBC Taster website.

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Luke Edwards

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