New Audio-Technica earphones sound perfect for working from home

You might never need to take them out.

Audio Technica ATH-TWX7
(Image credit: Audio Technica)

When working from home, there can be plenty of distractions (I count at least 5 even as I write this) but putting on a pair of the best earbuds can be a good way to keep yourself focused. 

Audio-Technica is a brand known for its sound quality but its latest buds, the ATH-TWX7, could be your perfect work-from-home partner too. Revealed at CES 2024, these buds go for  £190 / €219  but feature the same 5.8 mm drivers as the flagship level ATH-TWX9 that go for £279.

So other than great sound, what do they offer the remote worker? Well, supreme call quality is a big one. The ATH-TWX7 feature detailed noise cancelling alongside built-in MEMS (Micro-electromechanical system)  microphones with beamforming technology. The result? You'll be heard clearly when speaking even in the noisiest of environments (e.g. crying children, dogs barking and vacuum whirring). If you're still not sure you can be heard, you can even use the test function to hear what you sound like. 

If you like to work while listening to music but want to keep an ear out for the doorbell or a family member, then you're again covered. The ATH-TWX7 feature both hear-through and talk-through noise cancellation on calls and music so you can listen or talk without distractions. 

Audio Technica ATH-TWX7

(Image credit: Audio Technica)

Some people can't help but sing along when listening to their favourite songs, so if you're after something a bit more ambient to help you focus, the soundscape function on these buds is for you. You can listen to some "relaxing sounds of nature, a masking noise to help concentration, or sounds for meditation." Sounds peaceful and productive right?

The spec sheet is pretty impressive too, IPX4 water resistance is handy, while 6.5 hours of playback (with up to 20 hours in the case) should see you through the day. The ATH-TWX7 are available in a choice of Ash Black and Rich White or a neat Stone Grey only available from the Audio Technica website. 

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