Asus ranges a 14-inch high-performance gaming laptop that could replace your MacBook Pro

Smaller sized but super powerful

Asus TUF Gaming A14 & A16
(Image credit: Asus)
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Asus has announced some new gaming laptops, including a 14-inch option for the first time.

That's a rare size in this area, but it's increasingly popular with customers who favour portability.

Asus has taken the wraps off a new range of laptops during Computex 2024, headlined by the TUF Gaming A14 and A16 – introducing a new size for its lineup.

That A14 is a 14-inch gaming laptop, which is something of a rare breed. However, it might become a more common sight now, given the success of Apple's 14-inch MacBook Pro and a smattering of others. 

Unsurprisingly given that it's in the TUF gaming brand, Asus has confirmed that the A14 and its bigger sibling, the A16, will be configurable with up to an AMD Ryzen 9 AI HX 370 processor and Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 Laptop graphics card. 

That means, in short, that you can expect it to absolutely crunch through any well-optimised game for a good few years to come, and it's also got the display to make that performance sing. 

It has a 165Hz IPS display running at a 2560 x 1600 resolution, which should be easily sharp enough to ensure that games look superb (especially at 14-inches). And, with Nvidia providing the graphical chops, it should have access to some welcome tools to further boost performance and image quality. 

Asus is also talking up the audio quality of the speakers on the laptop, and its capacity to power Dolby Atmos audio if you have a compatible headset, which is always welcome for real immersion. 

The 16-inch version, meanwhile, gets the added benefit of increased airflow and cooling to go with its bigger screen, although it'll be a chunk heavier. 

Both models will launch on 22 July, so there's around six weeks to go until they're available, and they'll be priced at £1,299 for the A14 and £1,799 for the A16. Note that bumping up their specs will add to that price. though. 

These aren't the only laptops Asus has unveiled neither, with the ROG Zephyrus G16 also getting detailed with very similar specs but a slightly different design and aesthetic. In particular, the ROG version has a significantly higher refresh-rate display, so it's a pricier option for those who want to push the edge of reason with their portable gaming rig. 

The ROG Zephyrus G16 will also launch on 22 July, but it'll start at the more aggressive price point of £2,399. 

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