New Apple Fitness+ update makes Apple Watch into one of the best running watches around

New Apple Fitness+ update will help you stick to your fitness goals

Apple Fitness Plus
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Apple Fitness+, the fitness service based around Apple Watch, has just launched a new set of training sessions and workout experiences to help you stay in shape as we kick off the new year.

Apple Fitness+ subscribers can now access Time to Run audio episodes and new Collections, giving you another way to stay motivated and stick to your fitness goals with a little helping hand from one of the best Apple Watch devices.


Apple Fitness Plus - Collections

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Collections is a great accompaniment to level up your workouts and keep you on track when tired of your standard workout routine. The new feature is a curated set of exercises and meditations from the Fitness+ library, which lets users tap into nearly 2,000 studio-inspired workouts and guided meditations. 

What's more: Collections offers a tailored plan to help fitness enthusiasts make informed training decisions over days and weeks. This is useful for planning ahead and not becoming overwhelmed by the plethora of fitness choices on offer when commencing a new program.

Time to Run

Apple Fitness Plus - Time to Run

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Time to Run is an audio running series that helps users to upgrade their cardio-running game. The focus of the new feature is to make runners more consistent, with individual episodes based on a popular running route in some of the most notable and iconic locations. The aim, we presume: Make devices like the Apple Watch Series 7 serious contenders in the race to be the best running watch available on the market. That, of course, is no easy feat against dedicated running watches like the brilliant Garmin Forerunner 245.

According to Apple, “Time to Run episodes also feature motivational and energizing music, with playlists curated by the Fitness+ trainers. The playlists are designed to match each run’s intensity, location, and coaching, capturing the spirit of the city where the run takes place.”

Upgrade your jogging

Apple Fitness+ subscribers can access Time to Run (and Time to Walk) from the Workouts app on the wearable. Tap Audio Workouts at the top, Swipe down and choose a Time to Run episode to accompany your regular jogging activities.

Running, of course, is a fantastic way to boost cardio fitness, but runners can often get bored if they don't sufficiently spice the experience up. Hopefully, these new audio episodes will go some way to keep boredom at bay and make things more interesting mid-run to keep you consistent and on track in 2022.

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