New Android Auto update provides a fix users have been crying out for

Telegram woes are now solved

Android Auto
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Google has just rolled out a new version of Android Auto. Android Auto puts some of the best Android phones' apps and features directly onto the best Android Auto head unit dashboards. Many cars' complex infotainment systems are replaced with a familiar, easy-to-use interface that many motorists prefer. 

With the newly-released Android Auto, Google has boosted its infotainment service with one massive fix, as well as fine-tuning some of the app's most popular features. Telegram has been causing myriad problems for the platform's users of late – and it appears we now have a fix. 

Android Auto for phones has recently been closed and folded into Google Maps, with Google taking the decision to replace it with a driving mode that is part and parcel of Android and powered by Google Maps and Google Assistant. If you've been following our coverage of Android Auto for a while now, you'll know that this transition hasn't been straightforward. A flurry of transitional hitches has frequently made Google Maps impossible to use on the in-car navigation setup. Fans of the app haven't been overly pleased as you might imagine, especially considering the Google Maps problem affected voice commands which are very important when driving. 

As reported by the folks over at Auto Evolution, the update has introduced a fix to a known issue relating to the use of Telegram. A well-known bug had stopped users from reading and sending messages with voice commands, alongside a spate of other issues affecting the platform. Google has now fixed the Telegram problem with Android Auto 7.1 – though there's still no word (or changelog) detailing other patches included in the update.

Telegram troubles

Auto Evolution notes that the Telegram error happened "after a recent update, and according to a member of the Android Auto team, the company managed to figure out exactly what caused it and therefore released a patch." 

Android Auto 7.1 is now available to download for all users, but remember that access to the update on the Google Play Store is incremental. This stops all users from receiving the update at once, staggering the update. Of course, if you'd rather not wait then you can find the APK installer for version 7.1 on this page.

Speaking of messaging apps, one of our favorites is WhatsApp. WhatsApp is an app that constantly updates with heaps of new improvements. Recently, we've seen the messaging app announce big changes to how it lets users handle in-app voice messages, now allowing users to pause and resume voice messages as they wish.

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