New Amazon Prime Video TV series bags stellar 96% score on Rotten Tomatoes

Season 3 of Amazon Prime Video's The Boys has been released – and its won an exceptional Rotten Tomatoes score

Amazon Prime Video
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While you might think of Netflix as the best streaming service, Amazon Prime Video has been vying for the top spot for a long time – and with Netflix looking increasingly shaky, it is there for the taking. 

But getting to the top requires releasing a lot of high quality TV and movies, which means season three of The Boys, the irreverent superhero dark comedy, comes at the perfect time for Prime Video. 

Turning the superhero (or "supes" as they are known) tropes on their head, especially those put forward by Marvel, The Boys includes swearing, blood, gore, and lots and lots of mayhem. We've been big fans since season one, which was released back in 2019. 

The formula seems to be working, too, as The Boys season three has received an incredible 96% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Boys Season 3 Amazon

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Summarising critical reception, Rotten Tomatoes says the series manages "to up the ante on what was already one of television's most audacious satires," offering something "both bracingly visceral and wickedly smart."

You can see from the trailer that this is undoubtedly true – complacency hasn't been allowed to take hold, resulting in something that feels completely fresh and new, which is impressive given how saturated the superhero market has become. 

Standout performances from Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr, and many others help deliver a masterpiece of TV that thoroughly cements Prime Video as a destination for high quality originals. 

As show creator Eric Kripke told the LA Times, "The writers write what they’re passionate about, angry about or frightened of as it’s happening, which is why issues about over-policing and [Black Lives Matter] and Jan. 6 are all folded into this season. We’re writing what we see." 

Season three marks something of an evolution for The Boys – an essential component of any series entering maturity – and that expand beyond the themes of season one and two (sociopathic superheroes, bro culture, and so on).

It's also undoubtedly good news for Amazon that the show just seems to be getting better and better, as too anyone with an Amazon Prime Video subcription.

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