Never mind Back To The Future's self-tying shoes, here's a self-zipping zip

Hoverboards and self-tying shoes are over, meet the zip of the future

One of the great things about Back to the Future Part II was that so much of the technology included in it was very exciting, especially if you're bone-idle.

For one thing, there was that self-dying coat, but everyone seems to go on about the hoverboard and those wretched self-tying shoes. But here's a piece of technology that offers neither, but does solve the age-old problem of zips that don't tie themselves.

So, me the self-zipping zip. A project of MIT's rather beautifully named "Sartorial Robotics Project. The goal of this project is, apparently, to enhance the human-robot relationship, presumably by turning them into our menial slaves. We better hope they don't get self-aware, or we're going to see a pretty nasty backlash from all of this. After all, there's already been that vacuum cleaner that tried to eat its owner. That's just the start too.

Just imagine the near-future. A world where no one needs to zip up their own zips. Imagine the seconds per week you'd save, and how many minutes per year you'd have to spend on other pursuits. Never mind the fact that we probably spend longer deciding what to have lunch in a single day than on doing up zips for a while year, no, this right here is the future.

Of course the robot needs some further work. It's a bit cumbersome at the moment, and it looks like if you fitted it to any actual clothes it might well get broken within the first few minutes. But even so, imagine the applications. And if you have kids, imagine how great it would be never to need to do their coat zip up for them ever again.