Netflix's iconic spooky sci-fi series will return – with a difference

There are no cracks in this mirror

Black Mirror
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Netflix's premier anthology series Black Mirror will return in 2025. On top of that it will feature a follow-up to one popular episode USS Callister

The Twilight Zone only ran for five seasons, but the show that pays homage to it, Black Mirror, passed that mark with its sixth instalment in 2023. Now it's set to go another step further into the unknown with a seventh season set to arrive in 2025. 

Season six saw the show tread new ground with episodes such as the brilliant Demon 79 that weren't about technology at all, and the next run of the Netflix series is set to make progress too. By going back to an old favourite.

The scariest thing of all is that Star-Trek inspired episode USS Callister was released in 2017. But in 2025 it's set to get a sequel. It will be the first time the series has revisited a storyline and it's a great choice from Charlie Brooker and producers Annabel Jones and Jessica Rhoades. 

One of the funniest and most unique episodes, USS Callister followed the crew of a spaceship having sci-fi adventures led by their captain Robert Daly. The twist, as there almost always is in Black Mirror, they are all video game characters created by Daly for his own cruel amusement. As for where a follow-up could go, Netflix itself has teased us with just one sentence.

"Captain Robert Daly may have died in the original episode, but for the crew of the USS Callister, their problems are just beginning…"

There had been talk of a whole USS Callister based series but I'll take what I can get. As for what the other five episodes will be, who knows? But since Netflix has taken over the show it has featured a mix of big Hollywood stars and lesser-known British gems to great effect. The last series featured some of the strongest episodes in years, with the likes of Aaron Paul and Salma Hayek starring. 

Netflix also has some other successful anthology series to enjoy like Love Death and Robots and the relationship-focused collection Easy

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