Netflix is adapting an Agatha Christie novel that murder mystery fans will love

Is this a franchise starter?

The Seven Dials Mystery
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Netflix is going back to the classics for an upcoming mystery drama series, announcing that it is going to adapt the Agatha Christie novel The Seven Dials Mystery

The series will star Mia McKenna-Bruce, recently crowned with the BAFTA Rising Star award after her breakout role in How to Have Sex. She's not the only big name, either – Martin Freeman and Helena Bonham Carter will both feature, too. 

The show's pedigree won't be limited to just its cast list, either – it's going to be written by Chris Chibnall, who created Broadchurch to such success, and also ran Doctor Who for a time. 

Unlike many of Christie's novels, The Seven Dials Mystery is standalone and doesn't feature the likes of Poirot or Miss Marple parachuting in to figure out the solution to a dastardly plot. Instead, McKenna-Bruce will play Lady Eileen “Bundle” Brent, who takes it upon herself to work things out after a gruesome crime at a country house party. 

According to Variety, Bonham Carter and Freeman will play the characters Lady Caterham and Superintendent Battle. The show will start production this summer, as indicated by the fact that Netflix has decided to announce it now. 

It's not exactly ground-breaking to head to a Christie novel to find a good murder mystery plot to adapt, but it's interesting that Netflix is the one to do so. After all, it's practically become a holiday tradition for the BBC to bring out a miniseries based on one of the renowned author's books. 

Now it'll be a streamer that does so instead (although the BBC might have other adaptations up a sleeve). Netflix is certainly doing its best to adjust to the recent boom in interest in crime content of all types, from true crime series to fictional thrillers, as it tries to be the best streaming service for fans of tension and mystery. 

Of course, we have no idea how long it'll take to actually bring The Seven Dials Mystery to the platform once it's finished shooting – we'd assume that mid-to-late 2025 is the earliest we'll actually see the series, which gives you plenty of time to get ready. You could even read the book if you fancy finding out some twists for yourself. 

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