Netflix drops ultra-tense trailer for Jennifer Lopez sci-fi movie

From superstar to sci-fi

(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix has released a teaser trailer for a brand new sci-fi movie. Atlas looks a Titanfall inspired action movie with Jennifer Lopez as the star. 

We love a good sci-fi here at T3, and everyone loves Jennifer Lopez, so the announcement of a new sci-fi movie starring J.Lo ticks a lot of our boxes. 

Titled, Atlas the first teaser trailer has just been dropped by Netflix, and it looks like a mix of some excellent sci-fi IP. As others have pointed out, the mech suits seem to be ripped straight from the Titanfall games (yes please) with a touch of the exosuits from Edge of Tomorrow. 

While there's little story detail in the trailer (which is appreciated), Netflix has revealed that the film stars Lopez as the titular Atlas Shepherd a "brilliant but misanthropic data analyst with a deep distrust of artificial intelligence" who embarks on a mission to catch a renegade robot connected to her past and finds that the only way to save humanity is to work with AI. It looks like she's right to mistrust it too, with the trailer showing her repeatedly begging a mech to save her from falling. Check out the teaser trailer below. Personally, as a writer, I'm on board for any movie where AI is the bad guy. 

Probably most known (as an actor) for romcoms, it looks like Lopez is in her action star era and why not? She came up trumps for Netflix with another action movie last year, The Mother, which was one of the biggest movies of 2023. But she's not alone, based on the excellent supporting cast, Atlas could be one to watch out for. Sterling K Brown (fresh off an Oscar nomination for American Fiction) and Simu Li are both in the trailer, while Mark Strong also features.

With Atlas' upcoming (May 24th) release and the excellent Adam Sandler sci-fi released on Netflix earlier this month, the streaming service seems to be quickly coming for Apple TV+ and its reputation as the king of sci-fi.

Andy Sansom
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