Netflix drops trailer for fantasy blockbuster out next month – it looks epic

Flipping the script on fairytales

(Image credit: Netflix)

So we've had Valentine's Day and all of the mush that comes along with it, I don't know about you but I'm now after some action and adventure. Luckily on the 8th of March, Netflix is serving up a steaming hot plate of what looks to be first-class fantasy. 

The streaming service has dropped the trailer for Damsel, a Millie Bobby Brown led action movie that pits the Stranger Things star in a square-off with a dragon. Hasn't she suffered enough, Netflix? Although she lacks the otherworldly powers of Eleven, it's clear that her character Elodie is equally no pushover, giving the scaly beast the runaround in the trailer. 

But how did she wind up in a dragon's lair? To continue our theme of rejecting romance, it seems like she was the victim of a ye olde catfishing scheme. Although instead of her prince (Nick Robinson of Love,Simon fame) actually turning out to be a stranger on the internet, he's still a prince - just one who intends to sacrifice his princess to a dragon. 

The trailer above has piqued my interest in a film that I previously thought would just be traditional genre fare. I love the idea of a central focus of the story being a singular battle of wits between Bobby Brown and the beast. We see our hero crawling around tight passages and using a makeshift lantern, and I can't help but think of John Mclane in the vents with a lighter in Die Hard. Of course, a dragon is probably more dangerous than Hans Gruber. 

But of course, in this anti-fairytale, there is revenge to be had, and the trailer also sees Elodie on a one-woman mission to end the tradition of sacrifice and seek vengeance on her new mother-in-law (Robin Wright).

Throw in supporting performances from Angela Bassett and Ray Winstone with 28 Weeks Later director Ivan Fresnadillo in the chair and I already know what I'll be doing on March 8th. 

Andy Sansom
Staff Writer

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