Netflix could introduce Apple Arcade-style gaming to the platform

Increased interactive offerings from Netflix could include a video games bundle similar to Apple Arcade

Netflix gaming
(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix is believed to be working on its own online gaming platform according to new reports. The portal could offer a mix of Netflix titles and games from independent studios, providing something similar to Apple Arcade on Apple TV.

Netflix gained millions of subscribers over the last couple of years, as people were forced to stay home due to COVID. However, as viewers venture back outdoors, and competition has increased, Netflix has been forced to search for new ways to keep folks interested – such as recruiting Arnie.

Interactive offerings aren't new to Netflix. The Black Mirror: Bandersnatch episode offered multiple plots that could play out depending on the choices made by the viewer in a choose-your-own-adventure style. However, a Stranger Things game planned with Telltale gamines, never made it to fruition.

According to The Information (via Mac Rumors), Netflix had reached out to a number of game industry executives to gauge their interest in coming on board. These industry veterans were told that “Netflix is looking to hire an executive to oversee an expansion into videogames.”

Mixing up the entertainment offerings makes sense for Netflix, as non-traditional gamers are becoming more accustomed to their screens for more than just viewing. While the focus would presumably be the TV, games could be played in-browser or via the Netflix app on various devices. 

Any outcome is still likely to be a long way off, with sources pointing to a 2022 launch and no hires confirmed as yet. Anything that increases the options for games is good in my book. I can’t wait to play Tiger King: The Revenge by this time next year.

Mat Gallagher

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