Netflix bets big on Pokémon, gotta watch 'em all

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Pokemon Concierge
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Ash Ketchum must be the world's oldest 10-year-old. After 1200 episodes of the Pokémon anime, however, he has finally stepped aside. The boy from Pallet Town has had one heck of a journey but now the refreshed Pokémon series is making its way to Netflix. Perhaps he can finally have some time with his mum (And their creepy Mr Mime). 

Pokemon: Horizons has been available in Japan since April, but the English dub (which I grew up watching) is set to arrive on Netflix in 2024. Pokemon's official Twitter/X account tweeted (like a Pidgey) that the show will land on the 23rd of February, in the US. It's actually better news for UK fans who can stream it from December on BBC iPlayer

Don't worry, even if Ash is gone, Pikachu is still there. Captain Pikachu is a hat-wearing variant of the iconic Pokémon who plays a major role in the series alongside new protagonists Liko and Roy (and their Pokémon Scarlet and Violet starters). 

But that's far from the only Pokémon content coming to Netflix. 

Coming on December 28th of this year is a fresher take on 'mons, Pokémon Concierge. This stop-motion version is a little different. You won't see any Pokémon battles in this series, instead, we follow Haru as she and her Psyduck learn how to run an island resort for Pokémon guests. The trailer shows the art style in all its glory and it's almost too adorable! Expect to see lots of Psyduck falling over. 

But that's still not all. Netflix has recently added a bunch of new Pokémon content to the platform, including Ash's final adventures Pokémon Ultimate Journeys and Pokémon: To Be a Pokémon Master. There are also plenty of other Pokémon movies and series on the platform. 

If you can't get to Johto or Kanto this Christmas, it looks like Netflix is the next best place to be.

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