Need to control your drone? Try this hacked Nintendo Power Glove on for size

Finally, that rubbish peripheral finally works

Some news stories are just made for T3. Because when someone rebuilds a Nintendo Power Glove (that awful 'VR' controller that was meant to use hand movements to control certain games, but didn't) as a motion controller that actually works, well, you can colour us interested.

Better yet, the man behind the hacked glove, engineer Nolan Moore, has retooled it to control commercial drones - and it really works. Check out the video below and you'll see his hand movements really make the drone rise and fall and shift in time.

Shown off at the Newcastle-based Maker Faire 2016, the retro-based controller has been completely refitted underneath its grey plastic exterior. It now has a Wi-Fi transmitter and a series of sensors that sense the subtle movements of Moore's hand. By synching it up with his drone, he can then bunch up his fist to make it roll or flatten his palm to make it hover in place.

Moore isn't done with his Power Glove project either - he's planning to rip out that Wi-Fi transmitter at some point and replace it with a more robust Bluetooth component, an RC/IR transmitter or other custom RD or USB HID dongle. Moore even hopes to incorporate a Universal HID at some point. Considering how well this works already, we'd love to see what Moore does next.

Via: The Verge

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